SilverGrid Technologies

SilverGrid Technologies is a startup based software company. We identify the scope of growth in our customer organization and provide the effective solutions. We create value for our customers and help them to strengthen their competitiveness.
SilverGrid Technologies is launched to develop software products using open source technologies and also provide software services like maintenance and testing. Our major strengths are in developing applications for embedded devices, stand alone application for desktop PC, server-client side application and web-applications.

our virtues

Our Mission

SilverGrid Technologies mission is to build robust, simple and efficient products for our customers.

Our Vision

Acquire skills in new technology and continuous improvement over initial perfection.


Providing sustained quality services in the field of IT and software services. we have the experience, the know-how and the resources to stay the course


‘Can-do’ attitude, having a passion for quality, provide services beyond expectations and winning through teamwork.


Minhaj Sayyad

Expert in developing Mobile applications with elegant look-n-feel and user friendly.

  • Application Developer

Nitesh Kale

Expert in server side technology, web services and writing document.

  • WebService Developer